Nike Kyrie 2.5 Shoes

Specially designed for Kyrie Irving,the series of Nike Kyrie 2.5 Shoes are improved from his second generation of Kyrie shoes,and they are are simple,but full of high tech materials when firstly seeing the shoes' apperance,and they are much more suitable for the young.The top leather are applied in the appearance producing of the shoes which not only adding breatheability to the appearance but also provide more comfort and lighten weight to the shoe.The strap laces with durable rubber toe are used on the shoes.Besides the rubber sole make the shoes more durable and comfortable for wearing.The special appearance make the shoes not easy to get dirty.They are professionally suitable for playing basketball and outdoor sports.If you love sport,just own this series Cheap Nike Kyrie 2.5 Shoes for your wearing!Purchase now,don't lose this chance as our Original Kobe Shoes website can give you the lowest price.

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